Insurance and Payment

Soma Surgery Center has an onsite dedicated patient accounts administrator available to provide assistance regarding your account.

Insurance coverage

We will submit your claim to your insurance company the same day your procedure is performed. You may receive a check made out to your name from your insurance company for your services. This check must be presented to the center’s patient account administrator within 5 business days or you may be responsible for collection or court costs. Prior to surgery, you may be responsible for payment of your deductible, co- payment, and co-insurance payment as determined by your insurance provider. Since your insurance contract is an agreement between you and the insurance company, any unpaid balance remains the responsibility of the patient or person who signs for financial responsibility of the account. We appreciate your assistance in ensuring prompt payment from your insurance company.

Medicare patients

Soma Surgery Center is a participating Medicare provider. We will file charges for services rendered to Medicare and also bill all supplemental insurance. Medicare patients are responsible for the co-payments and deductible amounts not paid by a supplemental insurance.

Method of payment

You may pay by cash, check or credit card. Soma Surgery Center accepts all major credit cards. Total payment is required a week before the day of surgery, unless otherwise arranged with the patient accounts administrator. The surgery center’s administrator is available to discuss your individual accounts.

Professional fees

You may receive other fees related to your surgery that are not part of the center's charges. These may include fees from the surgeon, anesthesiologist, etc.